Monday 13 June 2011

EAC BPM 2011 Conference in London

I just came back from the Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Modelling Conference(s) in London. I met a couple of interesting people and was able to listen to some well known people.
Key lessons that got reinforced on the conference:

  • The problems are always the same, and it is never a hard problem, but always a soft problem (TROPICS). 
  • BPM is very close to Organisational Development (OD).
  • EA and BPM are similar in many ways and very political. Governance, strategy, measurement and incentives are key concepts for both. 
  • Don't boil the ocean. Better stay with a specific approach/activity and stick with it than starting everything at the same time. 
I hope I find the time to write in more detail about the conference.